Artistic Work


Works of Art (selection)
Insects/Flying Critters
• Robots/Guards/Dwarfs
• Faces/Masks
• Riders/Hybrid Vehicles
• Collagen

Artist's House
in Monreal




Markus Meurer was born in 1959 at the foot of the castle ruins in Monreal in the Eifel in Germany. He grew up close to nature in an extended family. His parents’ house had been built, partly into the mountain, by his grandparents. His grandfather told the boy stories by Jules Verne and Wernher von Braun and aroused in him an interest in technology and the love for imaginative, fantastic adventures. His father opened his eyes and mind to the beauty of nature and also moulded his enthusiasm for motorbikes.

As a child Markus Meurer learned from his father, who was an autodidactic artist himself, the handling of pliers, knives and other tools, and the working with wire, metal, stone and wood. His parents’ house, which had been already highly decorated  with carved birds and sculptures made of wood and stone by his father, Markus turned into a total Work of Art. He created columns, ceiling-paintings and huge sculptures made of many different materials.

After his parents’ death Markus Meurer, being an idiosyncratic artist, got more and more under pressure in the municipality of Monreal. Finally, in December 2006, he moved to England with his English wife. Here he lived until February 2008.

During his absence the municipality of Monreal declared his house uninhabitable and, despite protests from an international circle of friends, destroyed it in the autumn of 2007.

Markus Meurer came back to Germany in 2008 and since then lives and works in the Lower Rhine area.