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Artistic Work

As "Nature and Technology Artist" Markus Meurer collects "stuff" which other people throw away. For him these things are not rubbish but materials that could have a second life. Broken glass, rusty metal, coloured paper, bone and anything that is normally overlooked or tossed, he picks up and incorporates into his art. He feels that these objects are waiting for him, to take them and give them another life, a second chance. He recognizes their hidden beauty and with his sure eye for shape puts them together to become something totally different, new creatures.

Joined with wire they become expressive, narrative, fantastic forms. Under his tireless, creative hands insects, fish, hybrid vehicles, winged objects, and robots emerge in an unmistakably individual language of shapes. Mostly they are small but some are larger-than-life sculptures, in which his love of nature and his fascination of technology are combined.

Even everyday items, be it the hooks on the walls or the dustpan in his home, he incorporates each object for it to give him in his surroundings an invigorating, protecting or healing function.

Besides his sculptures, he also creates watercolours and collages in which he translates the thoughts he is engaged in.

In 2007 Markus Meurer expressed his thoughts and workings of his mind in a handwritten text. Thus his "Book of Anxiety" was created.